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Domestic Students

Eligibility for Admissions

To be eligible to apply for undergraduate programs, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

- Applicants must hold or expect to hold a diploma from a high school or vocational school before enrollment at NTHU.

- Applicants must have a certification of “Equivalent Educational Levels for University Admission,” before enrollment at NTHU.

※For domestic students, please visit “Chinese version” website at http://admission.nthu.edu.tw/ for detailed application instructions. 


※Special Admissions Programs:

 Early Admission without GSAT (The Gleaner’s Project) 特殊選才(拾穗計畫)

Beginning in 2015, the NTHU Early Admission without GSAT Program, also known as “Gleaner’s Project”, proposed creating innovative programs to recruit students who could not be reached via conventional testing or the three major admission routes in Taiwan (“Application,” “Stars Programs,” and “Examination and Placement”). This program was first piloted at NTHU for three years (2015-2017) before it became an official admission route  in 2017. The Gleaner’s Project looks for students who are:

(1) Well-qualified applicants with specific subject competencies or skill sets such as math, science, art, and/or high-performing athletics.

(2) Applicants from disadvantaged families who demonstrate strong motivation to thrive, and

(3) Applicants who have demonstrated honorable deeds, such as laureate of the Presidential Education Award, outstanding leadership in extracurricular activities, dedication to community, etc.


 Special Programs for students from disadvantaged families (The Sunrise Program and Extended Sunrise Program, 2013 to current) 旭日計畫

Under the “Application” admission route in 2013, NTHU created a series of special programs, The Sunrise Program and the Extended Sunrise Program, to provide academic and financial support to students from disadvantaged families. The two programs have been established to help reach the University’s goal of increasing the percentage of disadvantaged students enrolled at NTHU. Since 2013, more than $xxx has been allocated under the Sunrise and the Extended Sunrise Programs, and the funds will support these students over the course of their studies. Applicants will be reviewed holistically, focusing on academic performance, intellectual vitality, and personal context.