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Overseas Chinese Students

The status “Overseas Chinese student” refers to those who were born overseas and resided overseas at the time of his/her application, or have resided overseas for more than six consecutive years and have a permanent or long-term residence certificate. The term “overseas” as prescribed is limited to countries or regions other than Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. The “Overseas Chinese Student” status must be validated by the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Commission (OCAC).


The application eligibility is based on “MOE Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan.” If the MOE Regulations are revised, the most updated MOE Regulations shall prevail. For the latest information regarding the MOE Regulations, please visit MOE Regulations website at http://law.moj.gov.tw/Eng/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?PCode=H0100001.


If an overseas Chinese students chooses to apply through the “University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese StudentsUECOCS, 海外聯合招生委員會)” route, he/she can visit the UECOCS website at https://cmn-hant.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/, or visit the NTHU Office of Global Affairs.